Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 Photo Hunt

The October 2010 Photo Hunt is my first monthly challenge. I really enjoyed looking at my list of 20 items daily and pushing myself to take more photos of things I usually don't. I look forward to the upcoming challenges and hope to become more creative with the themes. These were all taken in October.

1. In Disguise - A Halloween skeleton.

2. Crisp - A dried up fall leaf.

3. Fall Colors - This was taken on the way to the coast for some saltwater fishing.

4. Jack o' Lantern - Harvey dropped and cracked his little pumpkin. Following the crack I made the mouth and added the eyes.

5. Shot From the Ground - The sunlight was in just the tops of the trees. Here, I am laying on the sidewalk looking up.

6. Landscape - I took this shot on three different days to get the composition how I wanted it. The colors kept getting prettier as the days went on.

7. Fall Traditions - Pumpkin patch 2010.

8. Books - Some of Harvey's favorite books.

9. Dining - Weekend lunch.

10. Child / Children - Harvey.

11. Faces Formed in Nature - This piece of drift wood will eventually be used to mount Harvey's first fish.

12. Tilt-Shift Photography - This is the farm where we picked the pumpkin.

13. B&W with Selective Coloring - Fall leaf.

14. Bokeh - This spider has been outside the window at work for weeks. This is the best bokeh I was able to get. Hoping to improve that technique after Christmas with a new lens.

15. Best Photo taken October 23rd - Clearly I didn't take many pictures on the 23rd. Harvey was trying on his costume for my parents.

16. Something from the Kitchen - I love my Henckels knives.

17. Something Vintage - This is a chair in the bathroom at work.

18. Something Creepy - The spider again.

19. Something Golden - My girl Julie.

20. Self -Portrait - This is me.


Ashley Sisk said...

What a wonderful collection - I especially love your tilt-shift shot.

Darlene said...

I like your vintage and dining photos a lot. Here are mine:

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Love all these. Those spiders were definitely creepy. *shudder* I really like your self portrait too.

Alita said...

The spider is indeed very creepy!

Sarah said...

Love your shots for best on the 23rd and tilt shift! Just lovely!

Reading Allowed said...

ok, not a fan of the spiders ::shudder:: but I love all your other photos! I especially like your tilt-shift and your pumpkin shot, I love the crack-turned-mouth!