Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Photo Hunt

Updated on July 20th (with pictures) - I don't have everything but what I do have I'm proud of. I'm also ready to get "this" over with and move on. See below for photos :)

Updated on July 1st - Time got the best of me and I have nothing! However, these themes fit in nicely with my plans over the next week or so. I'll share mid month - June photo hunt in July! 

I signed up for the June Photo Hunt! The last time I participated was December. And that was before LR3. I am hoping to really push myself for this one.

1 sun/lens flare: eastern shore on the bay side.

2 a street scene: water tower at sunset.

3 signage: "street" sign in the water.

4 creative crop - no photo.

5 a fountain - no photo.

6 b&w with selective coloring - no photo.

7 cookout/picnic - no photo.

8 body of water: sunset on the eastern shore from the bay side.

9 great outdoors: harvey on the beach.

10 fish: one tooth trout.

11 roughin' it - no photo.

12 a different point of view: This is me, my first weigh-in for a weight loss challenge with some photog friends.