Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011

I remember when photography was new to me. It started on the baby forum, The Bump. Then moved over to SPN. I bought a camera, read a ton, learned a lot, applied a little, bought more stuff, started a blog - then a new "hobby" came along. This new interest came from SPN biggest loser group where we would take photos of the scale each week as we strive towards a healthier weight. Diet and exercise, specifically running and chocolate in moderation is my new thing. I spend time at RWOL and I plan my runs with my weight training and yoga. Some times I food journal and count calories. I have more energy. I feel good. And I'm looking better. It's my new thing and photography seems to be forgotten.

So, today I check my blog feed to see if Reality Steve has posted the latest on The Bachelor and I see Ashley Sisk's sneak peak of an adorable little boy. That leads me to Memories, Dreams, and Reflections. I remember last year how excited and proud I was to participate in that challenge. I remember how much fun photography can be. To pick up the camera. To document my family and the beauty around me in photographs. I find myself feeling those old feelings and missing this community. I updated my blog pages, started this entry, and feel hopeful that this challenge will push me towards the love and excitement of photography once again.


I Love You

Still Laughing. Little boys and their dance moves.

Winter Wonderland. The train tracks on a snow covered day.

Birthday. Cupcake silence.

Friends. These two are best buds.

I Was Inspired - I've got nothing.

Spring Fever. The leaf bud of my lilac.

Travel or Vacation. Sunset in July.

Summer Days. Beautiful girl at the beach.

A Day In My Life.

All Smiles. He really learned how to love the camera this year!

Autumn Harvest. The remains of a cone flower picked bare by the birds.

Family or Home. My parents and my son.

Celebrate! First day of Spring means warmer weather and sun dresses!

Let's Do It Again. The annual photo with the dolphin at our vacation location.

I Miss You. I really miss the beach this time of year.

Beautiful. North Carolina field.

Dress Up. My little airplane.

Macro. A pine cone taken with my 50mm held backwards against my camera body.

Holidays. Pumpkin carving.

My Favorite

Don't Ever Change. Keep on running!

Just Because...It's my boys at my beach.

Hopes and Dreams. This was taken in July. I'm about 5 pounds lighter now. My goal is to be mid 120s by this summer.



Sherrie said...

Great snapshots! Love the pumpkin carving picture. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

fiddlehead said...

Wow.....these are all such beautiful shots. You have a wonderful eye! I hope that this helps you feel excited about photography once again!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your travel photo and just because. I was also thinking "how cool for us to have both started on the bump" - look how far we've come. Happy New Year!

Jen O. said...

Great review! Is the butterfly bench from Hershey Gardens? I have a similar pic of my son on that bench. :)

asummersett said...

Jen - The bench is from Lewis Ginter gardens.

Amber Ellen said...

Congratulations on your hopes and dreams! You can do it :)

Great photos, I can't wait to see your photos in 2012!