Friday, December 31, 2010

December Photo Hunt

Here are my pictures for the December Photo Hunt. I really enjoyed the themes this month. Many of them came to me right away. Others I had to give more thought. If the photo was edited it was done in picnik. I haven't started using LR3 yet. All we taken in December except where noted - just one. I also used my kit lens for all the photo unless otherwise noted.

I'm not sure if the hosting site will continue on after this challenge. If not I'll find something similar to participate in. You can follow this link December Photo Hunt to see other entries. If you do be sure to check out Ashley Sisk - Ramblings and Photos. She has one on my favorite photo blogs.


1. Holiday Lights

2. Holiday Spirit - Lite 98 plays nothing but Christmas music during the holiday season.

3. Holiday Treat - Chocolate Crackles

4. An Ornament

5. Gift-wrapped Package - My Pandora bracelet!

6. Window Display - Our window (I wish I could redo this but we just finished taking down our decorations.

7. Winter/Holiday Icon

8. A Tree

9. A Tradition - Christmas pajamas

10. Something that says Noel

11. Something Precious - This is an old photo. Harvey seems to be growing up so fast. This was taken at just a few days old with my Sony cybershot before I knew anything about photography.

12. Something Peaceful - I used the new 50mm. This is SOOC (straight off of camera) except for straightening and a small crop. The histogram was a perfect bell shape and I cannot believe how well the white snow blends in with the white screen - at least here while I am composing this post. I'm proud.

13. Something Hot - The back of my snowman tart warmer.

14. Something Cold

5. Something Red

16. Something Green

17. Motion Blur - Harvey's reaction to the first snow of the year. Ha! This was an accident. The night before I had been practicing Christmas tree photos. I was a school/work day and I was in a hurry. I didn't check so I left my shutter speed really slow. I wanted to capture his reaction and I guess I did just that.

18. Black and White with Selective Color - not a fan of this technique but I do love my LR3 (I've used the trial before) so I have to love this picture. The selective coloring was easy to do. Maybe one day I will get more creative with this technique.

19. Infrared Photo - I LOVE this photo. This is my favorite out of all the photos I have ever given an effect.

20. Macro Shot


Ashley Sisk said...

These are all wonderful - I"m just impressed that you completed the list. I love your perspective on something cold.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you completed that list too! Hope you find a new challenge to praticipate in!

Sarah said...

Great list! I like your something cold shot the best!

Kristi said...

Great job with your photos!

whichhazeel said...

great shot of something cold as well as holiday lights.

Nukke said...

I JUST LOVE YOUR PHOTO N:o 19 !!!! It's very nice black/white photo !
I like your Holiday treat and lights, tree, cold and red photos very much !