Monday, January 10, 2011

2010: Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

A look back at 2010 in photos.

Here is a collection of photos from 2010. I just got my Canon XS the first week in August so many of these are from my Sony Cyber Shot. After the description I marked each photo with the month. I hope to do something like this again next year. I really enjoyed searching through the year for photos. Click the button above to see other entries.

1. Me - Casey took this picture. (October)

2. I Love You - Casey (December)

3. Still Laughing...Breakfast with Santa - Harvey shares a fruit bar. (December)

4. Winter Wonderland - Casey's snowman complete with a fishing pole. (January)

5. Birthday - Harvey's first birthday.  (May)

6.Friends - Harvey and "The Foot Man". This is the character from Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book. (June)

7. I Was Inspired...Here are two photos of Harvey. A sooc and the edit. These were taken a few weeks after I got my XS. I don't think it's bad for starting out in Manual. This photo really made me want to learn more and apply more. (August)

8. Spring Fever (June)

9. Travel or Vacation - The dolphin at our favorite vacation spot. Lately we have been going several times a year but we try to get a photo here at least once a year. I think my mom took this photo. (July)

10. Summer Days - Harvey and I at the beach. My sister took this photo. (July)

11. A Day In My Life (September)

12. All Smiles - Learning to pull up and so proud of himself. (March)

13. Autumn Harvest (October)

14. Family - My mom and dad. (November)

15. Celebrate! My mom and Harvey at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's Celebration of Lights. The train was coming around the bend. (December)

16. Let's Do It Again - I love pig races! There is no doubt we will do it again. (October)

17. I Miss You - Harvey at eight months and one day old. This was before he could walk. He had very little hair. He was always drooling. He was just learning to crawl. He hardly said a word. He still took a bottle. He was on baby food. The older he gets the more fun we have but I do miss my little boy. What a difference a year makes! (January)

18. Beautiful -  Taken after 10 days in pediatric intensive care. Harvey went through a tough surgery that had him on a breathing machine for five days, feeding tube, and blood transfusion. Harvey had strep pneumonia. This smile was the light out of hell. They were playing with plastic spoons. We went into the hospital Jan 11th last year. (January)

19. Dress Up - Harvey and our neighbor at a Trunk-or-Treat. (October)

20. Macro - balloon flower. (June)

21. Holidays - Easter Basket (April)

23. Don't Ever Change (January)

24. Just Because...So There! (February)

25. Hopes and Dreams - I hope I give him the kind of childhood that makes him want to share his adult life with me. (October)


Ashley Sisk said...

What a great collection and it looks like you had a great year. I hope your 2011 is even better.