Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Paper Mama - Resolutions

This is my first entry to The Paper Mama. The theme this week is Resolutions. All photos must include a child in some way. You can see Harvey's foot. Aren't kids feet so stinkin' cute! This photo is sooc with my 50mm 1.8 at 1/100, f/2, and ISO of 200. I also used flash with my lightscoop.

In our home we do pretty good with routines as long as I am organized. These days it seems like there is so much to do after the bath and before bed time. It has been really cold so Harv's skin is dry - Johnson's lotion. The cold also makes his cute cheeks and chin really dry - Aquaphor. He is cutting teeth right now - Orajel. (You can't see the Orajel in the photo because he is actually chewing on the container.) Harvey takes Singular at night so we have that too. And of course we have to brush his teeth and hair. Not to mention dress for bed. There is always something I seem to forget (where are the q-tips to clean his ears!) so one of my Resolutions is to have everything laid out and ready before Harvey even gets in the bath. We also have a morning routine but I will save for another day.

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I placed fourth in this challenge!

The Paper Mama


creatingme said...

I love taking photos of my baby's feet!